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Hair Regimen

Before Wash or Co-wash I put my Cayenne Pepper mix on my hair which I use on my bald spots (A little water, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, and Canola Oil, it varies every week though lol) I leave it on anywhere between 1-2 hours, and baggy so it won't drip down my face.

Wash & Condition Hair 1x week with vo5 Herbal Escapes Moisturizing Shampoo: Free Me Freesia, Condition with matching conditioner.

Co-wash 1-2x a week with vo5 Herbal Escapes Moisturizing Conditioner:Free Me Freesia

Seal with Organic Stimulator: Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion.

While Hair is still damp I put in my rollers ( cold wave rods, they yellow and red ones)
And Bantu Knot the back of my hair. I Leave the curlers in for the rest of the day. Take them out the next, and the day after I do my Cayenne mix, and repeat process.

  1. My Favorite Product: V05 Moisturizing Milks Strawberries & Cream (Conditioner)

    I stumbled across Alberto-Culver's V05 Moisturizing Milks Strawberries & Cream Conditioner in my local CVS Pharmacy, and saw that it was on sale for 99 cents, so I immediately grabbed it.

    This product promises to keep hair moisturized, and to protect color treated hair, all while smelling of fresh picked strawberries. I cannot say that what it does for color treated hair, but I can about it's moisturizing abilities.

    I am natural and use this product for cowashing, I ...

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