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  1. The Ever Changing Hair Regime

    When I first started my hair journey, my regimen went like this: shampoo, condition, DC, moisturize. When I started reading more stuff about hair care, I tweaked it and then I started doing this: pre-poo for 30 mins, shampoo, condition, DC, moisturize, seal. I bought a coconut/amla oil treatment about a month ago and wanted to get good use out of it so began to pre-poo overnight, shampoo, DC, moisturize, and seal. Now I have read that you only need to clarify your hair once a month, so I am thinking ...
  2. Health Problem

    I think I may be suffering from hyperthyroidism. I looked up some of the symptoms today and I have a lot of them nervousness, anxiety and I also have difficulty swallowing. Sometimes it feels as if my throat is closing up. Also, my weight fluctuates I lose a few pounds and then I go back to my original weight without even changing my diet. My maternal grandmother had thyroid problems she had a goiter and they used radiation to get rid of it. They still use this method to test for thyroid issues ...
  3. Methinks it's growing........

    I first started getting serious about growing my hair out on March 30th 2009. I have had short hair all my life and it came to me like an epiphany (a la Chrisette Michele) Why don't I start up a regimen? Not just some wacky novelty thing to try like trying different magic hair growth pills, serums, powders, or potions. But something useful, practical and that would get me the results that I wanted. I did research on vitamins, conditioners, shampoos, and proper hair care methods for african american ...

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