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Co-washing Technique & Benefits

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Co-Washing is a technique that entails washing your hair solely with conditioner; this includes massaging the conditioner into your scalp like you would with shampoo as well as putting it on the length of your hair.

Moisture, moisture, moisture! As well as softness and added manageability for new growth

Everyone does it differently. There is really no 'right' way to co-wash. If you do it differently than someone else, you will not be damaging your hair. Personally, I let water run over the length of my hair and apply my conditioner in sections so I know that my hair is evenly coated. I then massage it into my scalp and finger comb it through, which helps with the detangling process later. Afterwards, I proceed to continue about my activities around the house and rinse it out say with 10-15mins.

Most of us prefer to use cheap conditioners because we co wash often. Favourites tend to be: Suave, White Rain, and VO5, Herbal Essences. Some people cannot use cheap shampoos so they use conditioners like Keracare Humecto, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, and Nexxus Humectress

Because co washing can also clean the scalp, I believe it is good for growth. Because the hair is moisturized and soft it breaks leass which which is length is retainsed, hair also grows faster with a cleaner scalp. Some ladies report receiving enhanced growth from frequent co washes.

How Often
The average range is from daily to once a week/bi-weekly. This obviously varies.

Feel free to add whatever else you would like to or ask any questions!

Other Terms Used
The no-poo method means you don't use Shampoo at all, whereas the co-wash means that you do it in between washes. Lo-poo means occasionally using shampoo.

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Updated 11-14-2009 at 10:07 PM by leentora

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  1. choshi1's Avatar
    yeah i was wondering what to do with all my left over conditioner i have tons, i seem to use more shampoo than conditioner

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