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Ayurvedic Hair Powders (Part II)

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Aritha Powder - Hesh
Hesh Aritha is a natural cleansing agent recommended by Aruyvedic experts. When used on the skin, the powder cleanses the pores and helps the skin breathe better. It also improves the skin texture over a period of usage. As a shampoo, it cleans hair completely. It is specially recommended for washing oily hair. The powder has excellent foaming and shampooing properties. Aritha Powder is also recommended for washing silk, woollen clothes, silver and gold ornaments and utensils.

Briefly, Hesh Aritha Powder has the following advantages:

- Cleans scalp thoroughly
- Excellent as a natural shampoo
- Gives hair natural gloss and bounce
- Can be used to clean ornaments, clothes and utensils

How to use:

1. Take required quantity of Powder, add a little water, mix well and make a thick paste
2. Gently m***age rotating the finger tips
3. Wait for 2 to 5-minutes
4. Wash thoroughly with warm water.

Kapoor Kachli Powder - Hesh
Gift of nature - natural way to thick, lustrous and fragrant hair.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Hesh Kapoor Kachli Powder is a boon for those who want thick, lustrous hair and keep it that way for a long time. The powder made into a thick paste that is used to wash the hair. Regular use promotes hair growth by stimulating the roots. It may also help to make your hair thick and lovely. Moreover, the powder also lends a pleasent purfume to the hair, which lasts for a long time.

Briefly Hesh Kapoor Kachli Powder has the following advantages:

- Stimulates hair roots and promotes hair growth
- Maintains hair texture
- Lends a pleasing perfume to the hair.

Ingredients: Kapoor Kachli Powder

How to use:

1. Take the required quantity of powder, add little water, mix well and make a thick paste.
2. Gently m***age rotating the fingertips
3. Wait 30-45 minutes
4. Wash thoroughly with water.

Maka Powder - HeshGift of nature - cleap scalp, cleaner skin
Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Hesh Maka powder is a unique Ayurvedic formulation that aids the treatment of scalp and hair problems. The powder, when m***aged into the scalp as a paste, helps remove scurf or incrustations that may have formed on the scalp. In fact, it also cures alopecia. The products advantages go beyond hair application. When applied on the skin, it helps cure various skin diseases.

Briefly Hesh Maka powder has the following advantages:

- Removes scurf
- Cures alopecia
- Makes hair dense and promotes hair growth
- Cures skin disease.

Ingredients: Maka Powder (100%)

How to use:

1. Take the required quantity of powder, add little water, mix well and make a thick paste.
2. Gently m***age rotating the fingertips
3. Wait 30-45 minutes
4. Wash thoroughly with water.

Shikakai Soap - Swastik
Nature fresh hair and body soap.

The natural goodness of Swastik Shikakai soap keeps your hair soft and silky. It is enriched with added ingredients to give extra bounce to your hair, nourishes your scalp and is extremely gentle on skin.

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Updated 11-14-2009 at 09:10 PM by leentora

Ayurvedic Hair Care


  1. urbanmystic6's Avatar
    What is your regime for using these products? How often do you use them?
  2. leentora's Avatar
    Hi urbanmystic6 I use the powders to make a paste to apply to my hair, but prior to the paste, I use an oil (alma/shikakai or vatika) - these are my favorites sometimes from the night before or if on the same day I will let the oil sit for 1-2hrs if I am doing house work - as a prepoo or just to coat the hair and I will then apply the paste and let it sit for 30mins or till dry then I will rinse thoroughly with warm to hot water as hot as I can bear then I will process to DC (with either one of these conditioners - Keracare Creme Humecto, Motions Moisture Plus or Keracare Restorive Masque) then sit under my hooded hair dryer with a steam cap for 30-45mins then rinse and proceed to apply my leave ins and style!

    I have single braids in at the moment so I make the powders into a rinse and I oil my roots and the braids to where my hair stops let it sit as I did above then use the rinse through my hair, I then rinse thoroughly, then apply some conditoner i.e tresseme for 15mins then I rinse and get excessive water out of braids, I will apply a little coconut oil to scalp and braids where my natural hair ends and let it air dry.

    With my braids in I use the rinse 1-2times weekly and with my natural hair I use the paste once a week or bi-weekly for the paste, I would love to use it 1-2 times weekly on my natural hair, but time I don't have really.

    Hope this gives you some idea, I am gathering some info on how to mix these powders in various ways and also on oils that are good I will post shortly under 'general hair' keep watching for it, I am sure you will find it useful

    Updated 10-31-2008 at 01:57 PM by leentora

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