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  1. I need some "me" time.

    Sigh..... I am exhausted! I think it is starting to show. Although, I have one burden lifted temporarily,(summer break), I have three delightful children who makes certain that my days are quite eventful and that keep me very consumed all day, well into the night. Don't get me wrong, motherhood is a blessing...just complex sometimes. If it's not for my one year old hanging on my legs as I shuffle through the house, my eight and five year old are going at it about who's turn it is to play the ...
  2. Becoming more Frugal

    I have never been what you would consider a frugal individual. I have always had the mentality, "Hey I work hard everyday, I've earned it" I would'nt say that I live outside of my means, as I earn a sufficient salary to have most of the things that "my little heart desires" My bills are paid on time. I even pay extra on my bills to cut back ion interest. And,I always head straight to the clearance racks first! I am a bargain shopper.... But I just shop too much. Hey, I like ...
  3. A Guide to Protein

    NOTE: I did not compile this list. I got it from another hair board.

    This is valuable information for a newbie or an old head that just doesn't know. Good Luck with this and form your own opinions accordingly.
    Here is a handy guide for understanding the different types of protein products.
    All proteins are strengthening proteins to some degree but here are the more specific characteristics of these proteins:

    Collagen Protein--known ...
  4. When people take advantage of your relationship with Christ

    Well, I've had an very eventful weekend...On Friday I was giving a church member a ride from church and she stole money out of my wallet...Yeah, I know. I shouldn't have left my wallet in the car with her but I made a quick run into Wendys to some hot sauce and didn't think about it. We were coming from church and to avoid her spending three hours on the bus for the ride home since she lived no more than 10 mins away from where I live I decided to offer her a ride. I try to be Godly, because ...

    Updated 06-08-2009 at 01:45 AM by virtuouswoman

  5. Co-washing Technique & Benefits

    Co-Washing is a technique that entails washing your hair solely with conditioner; this includes massaging the conditioner into your scalp like you would with shampoo as well as putting it on the length of your hair.

    Moisture, moisture, moisture! As well as softness and added manageability for new growth

    Everyone does it differently. There is really no 'right' way to co-wash. If you do it differently than someone else,

    Updated 11-14-2009 at 10:07 PM by leentora

    Hair Tips & Techniques!
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